Why Do I Love Logos (Verbum) So Much? Watch this…

by Steve Ray on June 1, 2020

verbum_logo_rgb_v-300x222I use Verbum every day – on my iPhone, my laptop, my computer and on the web. After watching this short video demonstration you can visit the site to learn more at www.Verbum.com/SteveRay, Use Promo Code STEVERAY10 for a 10% discount.

You will LOVE this program for computers, laptops, tablets, smart phones or even just on the internet. Catholic Bibles, the Catechism, the Fathers, Church documents, the daily readings, interactive videos, Catholic Bible commentaries and dictionaries and much more. I have used it for over a decade and cannot recommend it highly enough.

Choose a library that fits your needs. Nothing else like it on the planet!

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Greg July 20, 2017 at 4:17 PM

Hi Steve,
I was wondering if you've ever have problems over time, either by switching from one platform to another (PC to mac or vice versa) or ever have problems with computer software updates becoming incompatible? Years ago when you were recommending this I bought the scholars package for PC, but have long since switched to Mac, so can't really use it efficiently like I once did. I keep the old monitor laptop around should I ever need to look something up, but Im hesitant to buy electronic anything for reasons of becoming obsolete. I do like my hand held books, but you're right, for research nothing beats this.

Just curious what your experience has been over time.

Thanks for being such a great witness as a husband, dad, grandfather, and (kick-butt) apostle! Few have been sent forth as you. Includes Janet too!

STEVE RAY HERE: Greg, nice to hear from you. I use Verbum Catholic and Bible software, most powerful Bible software on the planet. LOVE IT. You can see it here http://www.verbum.com/steveray10 (Use STEVERAY10 as the Promo Code and get 10% discount). I have acquired so many books and resources that I was able to give away 10,000 of my books.

Yeah, I know there is nothing like holding a book (love the smell too), but having a library of resources – a library of almost 20,000 books on my lap on a plane, weighing only a few pounds with search and study capabilities unheard of even 10 years ago, I had to go with Verbum.

Thanks for your kind words too!!

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