Sunday, March 15, 2020

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I will pour out my spirit on all people.
 “That they may become perfectly one.”
Christ’s prayer for unity resonates clearly with us. He prayed not only for our union with him and his Father but for the unity of all mankind. Teach your customers about early Church history.
In his stirring talk “The Birth of the Catholic Church,” biblical expert and former Protestant minister Steve Ray explores how, since the very moment of her birth, the Church has cried out for this unity: one true faith in one true God. See how the early Church of the New Testament isn’t so different from the Church of today.
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Acts of the Apostles Bundle
Steve Ray’s 19-talk series on the Acts of the Apostles sheds much light on the mysterious work of the Holy Spirit in the Early Church—the same Holy Spirit who guides us through the difficulties of today.
Separately, these talks would cost $128, but when you order the bundle, you can get them all for just $89.95! That’s 30% off for all four CDs! Plus get free shipping on your next order!
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