Update on our travels and the coronavirus

by Steve Ray on March 3, 2020

I am keeping our pilgrims and others updated on my Footprints of God site at https://www.footprintsofgodpilgrimages.com/blog/concerns-about-travel-and-the-coronaviris/

Just a note: As of today, in the United States there are currently 60 cases of coronavirus with six deaths. The facts are stated as of today on the CDC site. There are also only 15 people infected in Israel, mostly all returning from other countries and currently in quarantine. These are minute numbers compared to the over 350,000 million people in the United States and the 9 million citizens in Israel (not counting the 4.55 million tourists a year).

To put this in perspective, this season the flu has afflicted 29 million Americans with deaths at 16,000.

For an interesting article that puts this all in perspective, I suggest you read “COVID-19 Isn’t As Deadly As We Think” written by Jeremy Samuel Faust who is an emergency medicine physician at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, faculty in its division of health policy and public health, and an instructor at Harvard Medical School.

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