Saturday, February 8, 2020

All is well as the pilgrims arrive from all over the USA. Our full bus and sold out trip for Jordan and Holy Land Part II. This is for all those who have traveled with us to Israel for our main pilgrimage which covers the highlights including all the Rosary sites, Marian sites and the early life and passion of Jesus.

On this trip, we visit ALL new sites with a lot from the book of Acts and the Old Testament. We are all SO excited.


Eight Ways to Pray During Adoration

by Steve Ray on February 8, 2020

For a lot of us prayer is difficult – mind goes blank, mind wanders, not sure quite what to do. When we sit in front of the Blessed Sacrament — OK, now what?

This is an excellent little diagram to give us direction and options. Next thing you know, time flies and you look forward to coming back into the Presence of the Lord and doing it again.