Brilliant Commentary on Family by Pope Francis

by Steve Ray on December 4, 2019

1D4A7DA0-BCCD-452F-B04A-E0BB1B85F57AI give credit where credit to do and this quote from Pope Francis’ last Sunday’s homily is exceptional:

“This is the drama of today: houses full of things but empty of children, the demographic winter that we are suffering. Time is thrown away for pastimes, but there is no time for God or for others.”

And let’s add:

“It is necessary to care for and accompany persons with disabilities in every condition of life, also making use of current technologies but without regarding them as absolute; with strength and tenderness, to take on board situations of marginalization; and to make way alongside them and to “anoint” them with dignity for an active participation in the civil and ecclesial community. It is a “demanding, even tiring journey, which will increasingly contribute to forming consciences capable of recognizing that each one of us is a unique and unrepeatable person.”


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Caesar Antonio O. Ligo December 4, 2019 at 8:13 AM

Steve, please always pray for Pope Francis.

STEVE RAY HERE: It is my duty and pleasure to pray for the pope, no matter who he is.

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