Sunday, November 17, 2019

Today we finished up our exploration of Galilee and the 3 year ministry of Jesus. We started the day with Mass at Capernaum where Jesus said, “Eat My Flash and Drink My Blood!“ I gave my talk entitled “Defending the Eucharist.

St. Peter’s Fish for lunch. Then we headed south towards Jerusalem stopping along the way for snacks and restrooms and then visiting the place where Mary met with her relative Elizabeth. Mary walked over 90 miles which always surprises people. From the Visitation we headed to our hotel, the Notre Dame Center in Jerusalem.

After dinner I gave Janet and my conversion story in the auditorium at the Notre Dame Center.

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New Convert Holds His Ground with a Street Preacher

by Steve Ray on November 17, 2019

I was so delighted to receive this e-mail that I had to reshare it with everyone! Darrell should be a model for all of us!!

Hi Steve,

Just had to share this…I was visiting San Antonio this weekend and as I walked around the riverwalk section of town, a gentleman approached me with a gospel tract. When he asked, “Are you sure you are saved?”, I thought to myself, “What would Steve say?”

After thinking for a second, I smiled and told him, “Absolutely–I’m saved the bible way!”  When he asked what I meant by my (your) response, the ensuing answer led to an hour-long conversation with me doing my best to give rock-solid (no pun intended) answers to each of his skeptical questions. I even raised some points for which he had no “packaged” answers.

This was the first time since my conversion to the Church that I’ve really engaged in apologetics and defended the faith adequately. What made it more interesting is that this guy is a fallen-away Catholic and an MD who has started a small church of his own (At one point I even suggested that he was, in a sense, a self-appointed pope!).

After we shook hands, I walked away and overheard him telling others on his mission team, “Wow, that was a very intellectual argument!” It turned out to be the highlight of my weekend.  I am so grateful for all the work that you and other notable converts have done, through your books, CDs and videos,  to get me to this point.

Safe travels, Darrell