Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Cupich & McElroy Embarrassed at Bishops Council

by Steve Ray on November 12, 2019

Just received from a friend:

Just received this GREAT NEWS from a friend via text:

”Their Eminences Cupich & McElroy got up at the USCCB meeting and took on the Faithful Citizenship document changes stating that it wasn’t true to papal teaching because it says that “abortion is the preeminent issue.” Chaput & Strickland got up challenged them by name & the Bishops applauded — and then voted down Cupich’s amendment!! Yea!!….My day probably won’t get any better than that!!” GOD IS WITH US!! God bless our GOOD BISHOPS!!!!!!!!

In Jesus, Mary, and all our saints!!

Sr. Joseph Andrew Bogdanowicz, OP
Vocation Director
Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist
4597 Warren Rd., Ann Arbor, MI. 48105


Archbishop Fulton Sheen once wrote: “There are not over a hundred people in the United State who hate the Roman Catholic Church; there are millions, however, who hate what they wrongly believe to be the Catholic Church.”

I was one of those who hated because of what I wrongly believed about the Catholic Church.  The reason I had these beliefs was due to being told what to believe about the Catholic Church from those who were told what to believe about the Catholic Church.  No one was willing to find out what the bottom line was concerning the Catholic Church. Everything said about the Church was taken as truth while it seemed no one was delving into what the truth really was.

What about these Catholics?  They worshipped Mary.  They had a religion but not a relationship with Jesus Christ. They said they believed in God but really their belief couldn’t be the same, could it?  The Bible says in James 2:19 KJV “Thou believest that there is one God; Thou doest well: the devils also believe, and tremble”.

So do Catholics have a belief such as the devils?  When most Catholics are asked if they have been “born again” or “have accepted Christ as their Savior”, their main response is “I believe in God” or “I am a good person”, or “I’m Catholic”.  Also, they have all these rituals, Saints, Statues and what about the Pope is he really standing in for God?  Another big item, are they cannibals when they eat the bread and drink the wine during communion?  Why do they leave Jesus on the cross, don’t they realize Jesus has risen from the dead?

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