Yom Kippur in Jerusalem; Holy Day of Atonement – like Twilight Zone

by Steve Ray on October 9, 2019

Today Janet and I are waiting for our group to arrive tomorrow in Israel. But we get to enjoy and be part of Yom Kippur, the great and holy Day of Atonement for the Jews. It was the day the high priest took the blood of a goat and a bull into the Holy of Holy’s to make atonement for their own sins and the sins of the people.

Yom Kippur looks forward to the coming of Jesus Christ and his atoning death on the cross. The parallels are amazing.

Today feels a bit like Twilight Zone with the streets completely empty and so unusually quiet.

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Thomas M Govern October 9, 2019 at 10:41 PM

What a special day to be in the Old City! I was there on s Sabbath day and it was a real experience. God bless all those in this special City on this special day. Steve, a great narrative with this video! I really love it when you point out the places in the landscape looking over the Holy land. God bless you and Janet in your efforts!

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