Thursday, September 19, 2019

Legatus Holy Land Arrival

by Steve Ray on September 19, 2019

All the folks on our sold-out pilgrimage for Legatus arranged their own airline flights to Tel Aviv. We picked everyone up at the airport and started our drive north to Galilee at 5 PM today (Thursday). No luggage lose and everyone is excited!

This group sold out so fast that we had to arrange a second Legatus trip for March 2020 which also sold out in three weeks. Legatus Executive Director Stephen Henley is with us and we are all making a great Pilgrimage team.

We started our trip north with our local guide Amer Shehadeh and driver David in beautiful weather  in our brand new Mercedes bus. We arrived at our Rimonim Galei Kinnereth Hotel in time for dinner and Mass (homily here) along the shore of the Sea of Galilee.


Nathaniel has Converted 5 Catholics out of the Church

by Steve Ray on September 19, 2019

Nathaniel wrote: 

Thanks for the 6-tips which I see is taken from your baptist upbringing. I will use it to win Catholics to Christ and out from the RC Church. It will add to the list of 5 Catholics I’ve already successfully evangelized them out of the RC Church. Keep the tips coming :)

I responded:

My wife Janet and I after our reception into the Church with our sponsors Al and Sally Kresta (also converts)

Nathaniel: You’ve got a long way to go my friend if you view this as a race – I’ve helped over 4,000 Protestants discover the fullness of faith in the Catholic Church.

And if you consider the statistics you come up short again. The number of converts to the Catholic Church that revert back is about 1%; whereas, the number of people who leave Catholicism for a Baptist-type tradition, about 50% will eventually return to the Catholic Church.

And while the traffic continues back and forth between Catholicism and Fundamentalism, some observers have suggested that whereas a two decades ago more Catholics were leaving to become Fundamentalists, it has now reversed and there are more Fundamentalists becoming Catholics than the other way around.

Another thing you may have missed: there are no notable Catholics becoming Protestants but there are many notable Protestants becoming Catholics (e.g., Dr. Francis Beckwith, former president of the Evangelical Theological Society).

This is confirmed by Protestant writer Kim Riddlebarger, “While evangelicalism is growing numerically, apparently there are not as many notable Roman Catholics becoming evangelicals as vice-versa” (Roman Catholicism, ed. John Armstrong [Chicago: Moody Press, 1994], 240).

In other words, the converts to the Catholic Church (and there are untold thousands, just watch Marcus Grodi’s The Journey Home on EWTN) are among the best and brightest that Evangelicalism has to offer, whereas those you are converting out of the Catholic Church tend to be the most biblically illiterate and uneducated.

You’re on the wrong and losing side my friend. I would encourage you to read more carefully, study Scripture more deeply, pray more seriously, take your head out of the sand and join the throng of joyful converts into the Catholic Church. You can read more about this Nathaniel here and thanks for writing.

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