Thursday, September 12, 2019

Mary’s Sorrows: Known and Unknown

by Steve Ray on September 12, 2019

27c7fb2767cca3bfb8b2c2865c71a7a3Mary’s Sorrows,  September 15 (Our Lady of Sorrows)

I did several radio shows on the sorrows of Mary this week, mentioning the Seven Sorrows of the popular devotion, but also some sorrows that are unknown. From times in the land of Israel meditating on her life, I pondered other sorrows she suffered. You can read my notes here (not a developed document, just my radio notes for now.)

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Great fun. Here are the questions asked and my answers:

  • 06:23 – I am Protestant, but I find praying the rosary very comforting and listen to Catholic radio a lot. I am overstepping by saying the rosary? 
  • 17:45 – I am a former Catholic. Why do people have to pray for special Masses? 
  • 24:06 – What is the Vatican hiding in the secret archives? 
  • 33:20 – I am not Catholic. What do you think about the Jimmy Swaggart type ministries and what they say about the Catholic Church? 
  • 38:00 – What is a Black Mass? Do Catholics believe that Jesus is the son of Lucifer? What is the road to salvation, according to Catholics? 
  • 47:30 – What are the origins of the New Testament? How can you know it’s the Word of God? 
  • 53:04 – I am not Catholic but my father was. How are the prayers in the Rosary biblical? I’ve never seen the prayer to Mary in the Bible. 

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