Mary Saw Mercy… so real and visible and close it may have splashed on her face.

by Steve Ray on August 27, 2019

Since we are visiting the convent of St. Maria Faustina, I thought I would share this meditation on the Divine Mercy of God.

Mary knew mercy. Mary saw mercy. The mercy was so real and visible and close it may have splashed on her face. Sister Faustina’s Divine Mercy shows the blood and water springing from the side of Christ, the fountain of mercy. Mary stood at the foot of the Cross where the blood and water flowed from her Son’s side.

 Mercy became flesh in Mary’s womb in Nazareth; Mary gave birth to Mercy in Bethlehem; she raised her Son and lived with Mercy for thirty years before sending him out to be and show mercy for three years.

Then she saw the ultimate Mercy demonstrated in such a divine and human manner— the Son of God, her own son, hanging on the Cross to make mercy available to all people.

John 19:34  “But one of the soldiers pierced his side with a spear, and at once there came out blood and water.”

Imagine standing in all these places in the Holy Land when we go and celebrating it here with the nuns at the bones of St. Maria Faustina where we will pray the Divine Mercy with the sisters today. Imagine eating the Body and Blood of Our Lord — mercy itself — in the very places he showed us what mercy was. Join us in the Holy Land this fall.

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