Trinity Sunday: A Comment & a Riddle

by Steve Ray on June 16, 2019

Happy Trinity Sunday – the essence and meaning of existence.


Why did the Trinity create us? Not to dominate or judge us. The members of the Trinity love each other so much and have so much fun together it just bubbled over – they created us to share in all their joy and love and Trinitarian life.

Everything exists—you and I exist—because of God’s love. He freely wanted to share his boundless love so he created the Universe—and he created Man in his own image. That’s why you were created!! Rejoice! (CCC 1, 221, 231).


When did the Holy Trinity walk the face of the earth with all six feet?

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Laura Duhe June 16, 2019 at 2:27 PM

Genesis 18:1-15, Abraham greeted and fed 3 men. Most theologians believe he entertained the trinity.

Thomas M Govern June 16, 2019 at 4:19 PM

At the Oaks of Mamre! I happened to visit the spot with a guy named Steve Ray!

STEVE RAY HERE: Yes you did! Fun times!!

Michael June 16, 2019 at 5:11 PM

Were the three angels that visited Abraham a theophany?


Trinity in Genesis 18

STEVE: This mystery is truly deep. St. Augustine, Doctor of the Church, asked, if three men appeared to Abraham, and one is not greater than the others in form, or age, or power, why shouldn’t we understand here the equality of the Trinity, three persons yet one and the same substance?

STEVE VO: St. Ambrose, another Doctor of the Church wrote, Abraham… saw the Trinity typified…he beheld three, but he adored one, and, while keeping a distinction of the three persons, yet he called them one Lord, gave honor to the three but signifying one power. … he saw three but worshiped their unity.

STEVE: Perhaps this is the most well-known icon of all time. It was written in the 14th century by Russian iconographer Andrei Rublev. It is entitled “The Trinity.”

St. Ambrose:
Abraham Saw the Trinity Typified. Ambrose: Abraham, who was glad to receive strangers, faithful to God and tireless in his service and prompt in fulfilling his duty, saw the Trinity typified. He added religious devotion to hospitality, for although he beheld three, he adored one, and, while keeping a distinction of the persons, yet he called one Lord, thus giving honor to the three but signifying one power. For not knowledge but grace spoke in him. And he believed better what he had not learned than we who have been taught. No one had falsified the type of truth, and therefore he saw three but worshiped their unity. He brought out three measures of meal but slaughtered one calf, believing one sacrifice was sufficient, but a threefold offering; one victim, but a threefold gift. On His Brother, Satyrus 2.96.
See Augustine The Trinity, 2:11-12 logosres:npnf03;ref=Augustine.De_Trin._2.11

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