Mary, Ark of the New Covenant & the Visitation to Elizabeth

by Steve Ray on May 1, 2019

Read my article about Mary, typology and reading the Bible with the Fathers of the Church and the Visitation. It was published in 2005 in Catholic Answers Magazine but is as relevant today as then, as relevant now as in the 1st century..

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Rhonda Volmering February 9, 2015 at 12:01 PM

Hi Steve….Know you have come to help us learn our Catholic Faith. Love to listen to you…we have many of your CD’s…..anyway many years ago…when I was hungry for God….I couldn’t find anything Catholic and I wanted to read the bible. I was taken to a Protestant website where a group was reading through the word……at the end of that year….I could sense this was’nt right…my soul was longing for the truth. Through some intense prayer. Was taken to than to Scott Hahn’s …Salvation Many of you have guided me/us through. (It will be an everending journey). Anyway….I am feeling drawn back to that Protestant bible study…and hopefully to guide them to the truth. Right now they are on the Ark of the Covenant. for my comment to them today….I copied and pasted some of what you have on here…I also included and recommended them to visit your web page. Is this all right?

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