Wednesday, February 27, 2019

The Papacy, What the Pope Does and Why It Matters (Steve’s new book)

 February 25, 2019 – 7pm

Questions Covered:

  • 12:30 – If every bishop and priest is a successor of Peter, why is the bishop of Rome the sole successor of Peter?
  • 15:34 – Our pope was talking about the Mark of the Beast. How are we meant to understand this?
  • 22:34 – How do you justify Frances being called Pope when the Pope before him is still alive?
  • 35:37 – I want to clarify the orthodox position on the bishops. Also, if Christ gave Peter the keys of the Church, why isn’t he the Pope of Antioch?
  • 40:20 – Is there such a thing as an anti-pope?
  • 45:08 – Did the popes and bishops marry at first? If so, why did they stop doing that?
  • 49:12 – Why do we call the Pope the Holy Father when the bible says to call no man father?

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