Tuesday, February 12, 2019

A fantastic 2nd day. We started out at Mount Nebo where the children of Israel looked over into the Promised Land for the first time in over 440 years. It was here that Moses was denied entrance and died. What a wonderful Mass here celebrating St. Moses. Homily here

We visited a mosaic factory and learned the fine art of mosaics and then saw the ancient Madaba map which is the mosaic floor of an ancient church. A great homemade lunch and then to King Herod’s Fortress of Macherus where John the Baptist was imprisoned and beheaded.

Then a long ride down to Petra with good conversation and friends and a couple stops along the way. We arrived in Petra in time to check in at the beautiful Marriott Hotel and have a nice dinner.

Steve’s talk about Moses at Mount Nebo where he died.

Steve’s talk at Herod’s Fotress of Macherus about the beheading of John the Baptist for political reasons and his defense of marriage. On location talk here


A Good Riddle Few Can Figure Out – except kids

by Steve Ray on February 12, 2019

What is greater than God

More evil than the devil

The poor have it

The rich need it

And if you eat it, you’ll die?

When asked this riddle, 80% of kindergarten students got the answer, compared to 17% of Stanford University seniors.

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