3 Keys to Credibility at the Upcoming Sex Abuse Summit in Rome

by Steve Ray on February 3, 2019

There will be little real progress unless the summit tackles these three issues — including the “forbidden” topic of homosexuality.

National Catholic Register, by Msgr. Charles Pope, Feb 2, 2019

The summit on clerical sexual abuse called by the Holy Father is scheduled for Feb. 21-24. While no meeting of four days can be expected to fully resolve such a devastating scandal, a central goal must be to begin the very long process of restoring credibility to Church leaders in Rome and around the world. The needle on the credibility gauge is currently near zero. For this meeting to have a credibility of its own and to begin restoring credibility in the wider Church, a number of things must be forthrightly addressed.

Let’s look at three. (Click below to read the whole article….

(1) The summit must focus on more than the sexual abuse of minors…….

(2) The summit must establish a way forward to establishing greater accountability for bishops…..

(3) The summit must speak to the link between homosexuality and sexual abuse by clergy…….

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Tony February 4, 2019 at 10:28 AM

The summit also needs to address the sexual exploitation of nuns and female religious that has been going on unchecked and is as big a scandal in the Catholic Church as the ongoing abuse problem. They could also deal with the problem of the church's ongoing denegration of the the role of women in Cathoic life. I'm afraid though that the entrenched views of certain of the Roman Curia and Catholic laity will thwart the Holy Father as he tries to renew the church and it's spiritual,life.

STEVE RAY HERE: Thanks for your comments Tony. To be honest though, I hope the Pope’s “renewal” is thwarted since I see much of his actions and inactions so far as very divisive and disconcerting.

Aaron Cohen February 5, 2019 at 11:17 AM

Steve,as a convert to Catholicism I have faced great tribulations within my own family regarding my conversion to the true faith of Jesus Christ Dominum Nostrum(Our Lord) .As we look through Church history we see that the Church has always found itself amidst major problems every five hundred years.At the first end of the first five hundred years the Church faced the Arian heresy of non trinitarianism and the fall of the roman empire with the huns and vandals at the gates of rome,even today we see the remanants of the Arians in the unitarians,Mormons and the Jehovah witnesses.At the end of the second half century we had the Greek Schism with the power hungry bishops of Constantinople revolting against the authority of St Peter and going against both Scripture and reason,let us as Catholics not forget the sufferings of our follow catholic Croats who were murdered in Serbia,and the sufferings of the Polish Catholics and Ukrainian Greek catholicd in “Orthodox” russia just because they would not give up the true faith.After another 500 years we had the protestant revolt and it is a tragedy to see so many misled to such grave error and to see how people who fall themselves “Christians”(Heretics is a better term) wound his body and the womb that bore him.Finally we have todays scandals which are the most grevious and the most serious,truly it must fill all of us with great sorrow that such actions have taken place within the Church and so many people have been put through so much pain by priests entrusted with their spiritual development,It is because of their sins that the great accuser has been able to blaspheme god and his church,and as true Catholics it is to us that god has raised his clamour,against this evil within the clergy who have brought his people great dishonour,they have opened the floodgates of the Church so that its enemies can prey upon it maliciously but let us laity be like moses who now lies on mount Sinai.He parted the sea with his staff and the great people of the exodus followed him,and when the pharaoh pursued him he and his cohorts were drowned.I earnestly pray that those brave catholics(like Mr Steve Ray)who confront the clergy and admonish the laity for their lack of faith in the way of Christ will have no need to fear hell for their souls will be in paradise with the angels of our Lord.

Tony February 5, 2019 at 12:48 PM

I'm surprised Steve that you don't want to see renewal in the church especially as Pope Francis was elected by the cardinals through the Holy Spirit for just such a task.

STEVE RAY HERE: I couldn’t disagree more. He has reformed nothing but has brought confusion, disunity and ambiguity. This is not the work of the Holy Spirit. I will leave it to others to comment more if they wish.

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