Sunday, February 3, 2019

There will be little real progress unless the summit tackles these three issues — including the “forbidden” topic of homosexuality.

National Catholic Register, by Msgr. Charles Pope, Feb 2, 2019

The summit on clerical sexual abuse called by the Holy Father is scheduled for Feb. 21-24. While no meeting of four days can be expected to fully resolve such a devastating scandal, a central goal must be to begin the very long process of restoring credibility to Church leaders in Rome and around the world. The needle on the credibility gauge is currently near zero. For this meeting to have a credibility of its own and to begin restoring credibility in the wider Church, a number of things must be forthrightly addressed.

Let’s look at three. (Click below to read the whole article….

(1) The summit must focus on more than the sexual abuse of minors…….

(2) The summit must establish a way forward to establishing greater accountability for bishops…..

(3) The summit must speak to the link between homosexuality and sexual abuse by clergy…….

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