Catholic Church Leaders Increasing Accused of Being Cowards

by Steve Ray on January 31, 2019

An article popped up on my screen today as I opened my e-mail account. It was from The American Thinker. I was asked if I agree with Alicia Colon, the author of the article. It is hard not too.

Selections from The American Thinker’s article “Catholic Church Leaders are a Bunch of Cowards”:

download“The bishop who rushed to judgment on those Covington students finally apologized and said he was bullied into making a premature statement. Hogwash. We know that the media, the liberal left, and celebrities have been pounding on the church for sex scandals, but is that any excuse for caving in with fear from these secular critics?  For many years we have watched so-called Catholic politicians enact laws contrary to church teaching without getting called on the carpet by their pastors. ….

…Cardinal Dolan was on Fox News (video here) explaining that by excommunicating Cuomo this would be perceived by critics as just a Catholic issue. So what, Cardinal? It became clear during this broadcast that Dolan is just as much a politician as any Democrat finding rationalization for their sins. …

… Why has the church become so weak-kneed in ignoring its mission? ….

… What is happening today in the local parishes is disgraceful. I know priests who are heavily involved in the pro-life movement who are being admonished by their superiors to cool it with the anti-abortion sermons. In the Q&A segment on Fox and Friends when Dolan was asked about the Democrats being in line with abortion rights, he answered that it wasn’t his job to tell people how to vote and he said that he was brought up in a Democrat family. Well, we all were, Cardinal. but that was then, and today’s Democrat Party has turned to the dark side and we’re not supposed to admit that? Meanwhile Democrats are always making appearances at Black Protestant churches to preach their socialist Marxist agenda but priests can’t condemn abortion?. …

cardinaldolancuomo… Cardinal Dolan said that his father told him to never vote for a Republican. How any Catholic today could vote for a Democrat knowing what their laws have done to dismantle our faith and values is beyond me.

I am forever Catholic but as a native New Yorker, I am thoroughly ashamed at what my city and State has become: the abortion capital of the world. God save us.”

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My question is what authentic Catholics can and will do as they see their bishops and the Vatican cowardly abandon the truth and morality of the Church — to become more like pandering politicians than faithful and obedient shepherds?

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Bill912 January 31, 2019 at 9:29 AM

There are atleast 3 things we can do to try to get our bishops to act more like shepherds:
1) Pray for them (duh!)
2) Speak out. (Memo to self: Thank my associate pastor for a great pro-life sermon last Sunday!)
3) Let our bishops know: If you want my money, find your spine and act like a shepherd. (Otherwise, my money will go to some other Catholic entities that are not run by cowards).

Sandi January 31, 2019 at 1:09 PM

Well said Bill912. It’s pretty bad when a Protestant, Franklin Graham, has to tell Cardinal Dolan to take a stand. Pathetic. Our Lord must be weeping.

Tom Govern January 31, 2019 at 4:30 PM

If our own leadership will not stand up to Catholic abortionists what can we do? I think that we need to let them know our how we feel. Is there any vehicle where I could tell Cardinal Dolan or other Cardinals or Bishops about my disappointment? Is there a pro-life organization that can make individuals feelings known? We do not vote for the men that lead us in the Church, that is probably a problem. It may also be the problem for sextual abuse issues. Our leadership needs to be more transparent and accessible.

Joe February 3, 2019 at 3:39 PM

Dolan has consistantly defended the Democrat party on his appearances on SiriusXM radio ‘s Catholic channel.

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