Steve Ray on the Seven Sacraments

by Steve Ray on January 12, 2019

Introducing a new CD-set from Steve Ray
The Seven Sacraments: Explaining and Defending God's Channels of Grace
Have you ever wondered about the Biblical roots for the sacraments? Let these talks from Steve Ray be your map to discover the connection between the Sacraments and Sacred Scripture.
The Seven Sacraments
In this brand new informative and inspiring series, Steve Ray walks through the Seven Sacraments and why they are necessary for our salvation. Using Biblical and historical truth, Steve shares an in-depth look at the theological foundations of these remarkable conduits of God’s grace given to each of us through the Church.

Available now for only $41.95!


About the Author

Steve Ray
Steve Ray was raised in a devout and loving Baptist family. Always a zealous instructor of Sacred Scripture, he nearly fell off his chair when a close friend, an Evangelical pastor, converted to Catholicism. After years of prayer and study, Steve and his wife Janet entered the Catholic Church in 1994. He is the author of The Birth of the Catholic Church, The Pain of the Crucifixion, available now on!

Other Products from Steve Ray

In this Bible study, Acts of the Apostles, on the first 17 chapters of the Acts of the Apostles, Steve Ray opens the scriptures and shows how the Early Church of the New Testament is the same as the Catholic Church of today. A continuation of Luke’s Gospel, this is the only book of the New Testament which continues the story of Jesus into the Early Church. Buy all 4 volumes now for only $49.95!
In this talk, The Birth of the Catholic Church, Steve Ray starts with John’s Gospel and the Acts of the Apostles and highlights early doctrines as the Church is being born. He discusses Jesus’s prayer for unity, the primacy of Peter, the importance of Mary, the significance of Pentecost, the institution of deacons, the First Church Council, and more. He then ends with a stirringly prophetic interpretation of the end of John’s Gospel. Get this CD now for only $5.50!

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