Friday, November 30, 2018

We started this very event full day with a walking tour of Puebla. What a beautiful and historic and Catholics city. A highlight or certainly they magnificent Cathedral.

Our lunch was exquisite with tortilla soup and some appetizers we can’t even describe. The fillet mignon with a local Puebla sauce was unbelievable.

We had Mass and prayed the Rosary in — what everyone agreed was — the most beautiful chapel they had ever been in. One pilgrim he had been to Rome many times but have never, ever seen a chapel like this.

PART TWO: Mass at the Rosary Chapel.
Fr. Jame’s homily here.

Toured more of Puebla and ended with a very fun cooking class. We learned how make the classic and most popular Mexican sauce mole ( pronounced “mo-lé”).

The rest of the day was free for exploring, shopping and eating and one of the fine restaurants here in the downtown area. Enjoy!




People always ask, “What do I say to my husband…?”  or “How do I get my kids back in the Church?  or  “I am getting no where trying to tell my friend about my Faith.”

Well Steve came up with Six Rules to help you deal with non-Catholics – especially family and friends.

They are only 2 minutes each! Enjoy!

Rule 1: Don’t Argue!

Rule 2: Love them more than ever before

Rule 3: Study and do your homework

Rule 4: Pray and make sacrifices (not being trite)

Rule 5: Show the Joy of the Lord

Rule 6: Most Important… Listen to find out what it is!

Here is my article Six Rules published in Catholic Answers Magazine