“Islam, What Every Infidel Should Know” – My Talk Given at Steubenville

by Steve Ray on November 19, 2018

When asked to give this talk at the Defending the Faith Summer Conference I at first hesitated because I knew it would be very politically incorrect and hard-hitting. I didn’t know how it would be received — but I got a standing ovation.

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Tom Govern November 19, 2018 at 10:31 PM

I know your presentation and it is great. Sad, I really think that there are some Muslims that believe they are a religion of peace. Still we and they need to recognize the facts. If there are so many “peaceful” Muslims, why don’t they do something about those that are not? The West is carrying the banner, not the “peaceful” Muslims.

Jason December 22, 2019 at 12:46 PM

Hi Mr. Steve Ray, I love all yours videos and I bought your book too Crossing the Tiber(So Good, Thanks !!) I Bought your dvd too on the Church Fathers(Excellent!!) And, I would love to know more about the Ray-X and Real text of the Koran, and the fact that Gruzman modified the Korans(To be all the sames books!) Thanks again, Jay from Canada!

Anders Hultman April 11, 2020 at 8:43 AM

Hi There,
Brought up in an evangelic christian land of Denmark, not a religious individual, but embrasing the thought of love, the power of the abillity to forgive – Man is imperfect, but we must strive to be.
Came across your YT from Steubenville by accident, and boy did you just talk to my concerns about the invasion of the "Religion of hipocracy" RoH – you know which one I am referring to.
I also saw the YT from "Uncommon Knowledge" interview with Hirsi Ali, where she explains about Dawa, the political part of RoH, and how to subject others to RoH.
It is as much a cultural clash, as it is a religious clash, and there you are very right when you refer to the democratic mindset in west as apposed to that of RoH where democracy and free speech can not be tolerated.
I too, have fear for the future and the onmarch of RoH, freedom of speech and my grandchildren, what can be done and how can we avert this thread ?

STEVE RAY HERE: Thanks for your comments. I agree completely. I think the Scandinavian countries are learning about all this after they invited so many into their countries. They do not assimilate or appreciate the democratic freedom brought about by the Christian world-view. Instead, they try to turn your countries into the backward tribal lifestyle that they left behind in the Middle East.

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