Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Our last day of the cruise and extension to Rome. Tomorrow morning we all head back home. But today was an exciting day to put the frosting on the cake.

We started out with Mass at the Church of St. Peter in Chains. (Fr. Cole’s homily here.) This church contains two sets of chains that fused together. One that bound Peter in Jerusalem and the other that bound him in Rome. When they came together they joined miraculously. You doubt it? I don’t!

Today we are emphasizing ancient Rome by walking through the Roman Forum and discussing the ancient history that laid the foundation for Christianity. Then we’ll go into the massive Colosseum which was built by slaves captured in Jerusalem in 70 A.D.. It was completed in 80 HD and even today is magnificent. This is where Saint Ignatius of Antioch, one of my favorite church fathers, was eaten by lions in 107 AD.

Free afternoon and other fun things before a great dinner at Schiavi D’ Abruzzo which is one of our favorite restaurants in Rome. Enjoy!


“Hey, I Like Your Cross!”

by Steve Ray on October 30, 2018

20110513-085206.jpgThat’s why I always where my San Damiano Cross. It is colorful and catches people’s eye. Even yesterday while traveling two people commented.

My response is always, “Thanks, I wear it proudly as a Catholic!”

Invariably an interesting discussion ensues. An atheist once asked why he should become Catholic. What fun!

Yesterday two people at the airport commented and both started a lively discussion, one with a lukewarm, unsure Catholic who was inspired by our the warm discussion.

I LOVE being Catholic and love sharing it with every one. I encourage Catholics to wear their conviction around their neck.

Recently a man told me “I’ve always carried my crucifix in my pocket. From now on I’m wearing it to be a testimony to the world!”