36 Reasons I Love My Travel Hat

by Steve Ray on September 26, 2018

P1000189 copyLots of people ask me about my Tilley Hat.

1) Where did you get it? (www.Tilley.com in Canada)?
2) Why did you start wearing it? Really, have you seen my hairstyle! The first day in Israel without one and my head looked like a red beet.
3) What style do you like? Wide brim with air vent around the crown. Either the dark blue or dark green.
4) Do you go anywhere without it? Nope. It is my cheap toupee :-)
5) Should I get one? Yup, join the exclusive club.


17620300_636277949907120_2322439767382037565_o36 Reasons I like this flexible, foldable, washable hat.

1 Protects head from sun
2 Protects head from wind, snow, rain
3 Keep bugs off head
4 Kneeler at Mass
5 Sun visor
6 Brim down to avoid eye contact
7 Cushion for wet or hard seat
8 My identity as Jerusalem Jones
9 Rally point for leading groups
10 Identities me in a crowd
11 Holder for pocket items at night
12 Placed to reserve a seat
13 Cover eyes while sleeping
14 Neck pillow on a plane
10700648_986023848078128_2038118423922912300_o15 Cash storage in secret pocket
16 Fan when hot
17 Sweat band when hot
18 Looks cool and adventurous
19 Cover for bad hair day :-)
20 Keeps head warm
21 Protects from bumps and scratches
22 Swat flies and bugs
23 Conversations with other Tilley owners
24 Holder for LED light flashlight
25 Head covering for Jewish sites
26 Collection plate at Mass
Steve-Janet27 Knee pad
28 Protection from bird droppings
29 Protect iPhone in rain
30 Emergency identification
31 Contains emergency money
32 Protection from vicious camels
33 Hold Tile computer chip to find hat and iPhone
34 Get wet to cool head in hot weather
35 Stop glare from stage lights at talks
36 Most important: my wife says it looks great on me :-)

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Greg September 26, 2018 at 5:24 PM

At the rate the hairs are dropping off my head, I may have to join the club! But I look ok in my Trinity college ball cap from our Ireland trip, so that will do for now! First Jones Fedora I ever bought was 25ish years ago at Disney when we took the kids there, but it was felt. Beat the heck out of it and it still looked good over the years. Darn thing blew off my boat some years back – a sad day. Some fish has a warm cubby. That’s a lot of things to do with one hat! Pretty cool! Greg

JoAnne McCormack October 2, 2018 at 5:37 AM

Hi! Steve,
Your hat made it easy to spot you on our recent pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Don’t ever get rid of it.
Hope to join you again on another pilgrimage. I am still processing the entire experience and all the important information you and Amer gave us. It was the trip of a lifetime and I thank you for it.
God Bless you and Janet

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