Tuesday, September 4, 2018

A friend and well-known commentator everyone knows, Al Kresta,  President of Ave Maria Radio, sent me this today. I said it captured a lot of Catholic’s sentiment and asked if I could share it. He said YES!  I think his comments reflect the heart of all of us good Catholics in America struggling to understand the situation.
Let’s be very clear Al and I are good friends and we love the Catholic Church. We are not discouraged or disheartened and we are ready to fight.
Holy Father, we have been silent,
We have been team players.
We have been in prayer and fasting.
We trusted our shepherds.
We have been mild. We have not been noisy.
We have been docile and open to the Holy Spirit and most reluctant to do anything to cast a shadow upon the Catholic Church because we have had the extraordinary privilege of leading many into full communion with her. We love her and our love is not less because we lack ministerial ordination. Our whole posture has been to defend that which we have asked others to join.
  • When we had no evidence of wrongdoing on your part we didn’t imagine there was a problem.
  • When the evidence was ambiguous we gave you and our bishops the benefit of the doubt.
  • When the evidence pointed your way, we asked for you to explain.
 But you ignored the bleating of the sheep.
You ignored that we have all along been praying and can maintain a discipline of silence as well as most of the ordained.
You ignored that we were all along team players and reluctant to publicly complain.
You ignored that we have been all along giving the benefit of the doubt through:
  • Maciel,
  • the scandal of the mid 80s,
  • early 90s,
  • 2002 and
  • even now with McCarrick and Viganó’s revelations
We asked for an investigation, not a rebellion. We have for almost all of our Catholic lives stretched our moral imaginations to think the best, not the worst of you and our bishops.
Your response has been to stonewall rather than to pastor. You asked us to ignore the evidence of our senses and the conclusions of our reason.
In short, you have asked us to divide ourselves, to split our conscience from our devotion. This is not the counsel of Jesus, who comes to make us whole.
The devil works hard tempting us to be doubleminded and to split our head and our hearts, our beliefs from our behavior, our knowledge of painful realities from our determination to avoid denial and get on with healthy problem-solving.
You, like the Devil, are asking us to sit on our hands in a shit storm and to think we are pious souls for doing so.
From where I sit that is not Catholic spirituality and I am still trying to imagine that your advice is due to ignorance of our plight rather than motivated by something baser.