Monday, April 9, 2018

All Day Bethlehem!

by Steve Ray on April 9, 2018

Today we started out with supporting the local Christians in Bethlehem by buying olivewood and other religious items from their store. By doing so we helped over 65 Christian families.

Then we went to Shepherds Field where we had Mass in the Cave of the Shepherds. Enjoy another great Fr. Courtney homily here.
A nice Shwarma sandwich lunch at a simple Christian family restaurant and then on to the Church of Nativity where there were a lot of people. We did get our way down to touch the birthplace of Christ and to pray the Rosary at the Church of Saint Catherine in Bethlehem.

We then visited the Carmelite Monastery and went to a wonderful dinner with a whole lamb and a mountain of Palestinian rice with wine and good desserts. We then drove back through the checkpoint out of the Palestinian West Bank into Jerusalem.

Everyone had a great day and we are looking forward tomorrow to visiting the Mount of Olives and Mount Zion.


My Grandpa is a Biblical Detective

My grandson Josh asked, “Did Jesus really live? Maybe he didn’t and it was just a good story someone made up.”

So I sat down and wrote him this limerick and gave him a stack of books from my library. The topic has not come up again since.

Was there really a man named Jesus?
Or do the Catholics just try to tease us?
I went to the places,
Studied books for all traces,
And discovered he’s real which should please us.

A Limerick just sent to me from Darrell, a new convert, in response to the limerick I just posted:

There once was a man in much doubt,
What his Protestant faith was about.
Then a great guy named Steve
Helped the man to believe
In the Church that his Savior laid out.