My “Debate-Discussion” on Drew Mariani with a Protestant: “What is the Church?”

by Steve Ray on January 17, 2018

Relevant Radio archives state, “What do you say to someone who says the Catholic Church is not the one true Church? Steve Ray provides clarity.

Giovanni, a Protestant, calls in and says that he doesn’t think his denomination is wrong.”

I certainly love good Christians who choose to be disciples of Jesus Christ. I am happy to stand side-by-side with them as Christians, especially in the current cultural wars. But in-house we often have to debate important matters, like “what is the Church?”

Not all views are compatible and there is only one truth — unless of course, you believe you can create your own truth and your own kind of “church.”

A spirited discussion followed. You can listen below. The conversations starts at 28:00 minutes into the hour.

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Tom Govern January 18, 2018 at 10:37 PM

Any way of downloading these?

STEVE RAY HERE: I am not sure but if you visit the site maybe you can figure it out

Mike January 22, 2018 at 1:33 PM

Steve, I have been trying to figure something out for a while and wondered if you had any thoughts.
If, for example, Arianism was considered a heresy for denying a dogma of the Catholic Church, why isn't protestantism called a heresy as well for denying the majority of the dogmas of the Catholic Church? Would the early Catholics say that they are happy to stand side by side with those that they called heretics to fight the culture? Or would the early Catholics say to those who don't believe in all of the teachings of the Catholic faith and teach otherwise are heretics and need to repent?
Why did the early Church fight so hard to squash the teachings of those that they called heretics, but today those who teach against the only one true faith are called Christian as well? What is the difference? Why the drastic change in fighting for the truth to be known? Why weren't Arians just called Christian as well, or "separated brothers and sisters in Christ, and let it be?


Three things:

First, Henry C. and the church mainly revolved around the understanding of her Jesus Christ was and the Trinity. Since Arianism denied that Jesus was God in the flesh they were considered completely heretical. Protestants on the other hand except Jesus as God in the flash and therefore it presents a unique situation.

Second, when Lucinda broke with the church you are certainly a heretic. When I took my group to Germany last year to follow and argue with Martin Luther We referred to him throughout the trip as the heretic and skins Maddock priest.

Third, I am leaving for Jordan tomorrow and rushing to get packed so I have very little time. I hope you can contact Catholic Answers or Visit my forum at my free Discussion Board at Where are you can get a lot of free help.

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