Wednesday, October 11, 2017

To listen to the show where I answered questions from Non-Catholics, click HERE. For more listening options, click HERE.

Questions Covered:

  • 04:01 – How does someone like me begin to believe? How can you prove to me that God is real?
  • 14:47 – How much money does the Catholic Church want you to contribute into the offering plate? Is it a requirement to put money in?
  • 17:55 – What is the difference between Catholics and other Christians?
  • 20:42 – You believe that your own father, an ardent Protestant, is in heaven despite the frequent conversations and disputations between you two. Therefore you believe no needs to be Catholic to get to heaven.
  • 27:45 – If our sins are forgiven by Christ, are they also removed from us?
  • 29:10 – I was divorced and remarried and my second husband died of cancer 6 years ago. I am dating a Catholic now and would like to know if there is an impediment to my marrying this man.
  • 32:18 – How was it recorded that those men you listed earlier followed Peter as pope? His real contention was that he did not believe in the Trinity and was very sneaky about it.
  • 41:02 – I listened to a Protestant show discussing a genocide of the Midianites. The pastor said that this was a just thing. It’s what God had wanted. Why? What could justify this?
  • 45:30 – How do I begin down the road to becoming Catholic?
  • 50:43 – What is the between divorce and annulment?

Resources Mentioned: