Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Bestiality (Zoophilia) is on the Rise

by Steve Ray on September 5, 2017

Since we arrived in Germany today, and since they are probably the worst at this, I thought I would post this blog today. By the way, 60% of Berliners say they have no religion. So, here it to goes…

(The two pictures you see below are in many places around Berlin as an advertisement.  I took them both this afternoon after a short nap when I went out for a walk through Alexanderplatz. You would never see these back home in the United States…  at least not yet.)

IMG_5106Most decent folks are shocked at the thought of bestiality, humans having sex with animals. But the practice is on the rise. It is estimated there are 100,000 people practicing bestiality in Germany alone.

It is not a new problem. When the Israelites took over the land of Canaan the pagans living there practiced bestiality. God strictly forbid his people from practicing such abominations. He warned the Israelites not to practice what the pagans did or they would pay the penalty with their lives (Lev 18:23-24; Lev 20:15-16).

Unhappily, the Western World today is slipping back into paganism so why would it surprise us that perversions such as bestiality or zoophilia are again on the rise?

IMG_5107Interestingly, the complaints against sex with animals is not based on basic morality or the dignity of the human being, but on the rights of animals! The objection is not that it is immoral or a perversion to practice zoophilia but that it violates the right of animals. To force animals into sexual acts with humans is abusing the animal and the animals have a right not to be forced to have sex with humans.

And don’t be surprised that after the Supreme Court redefined the word marriage (Germany did the same) that we are now moving to the next step, marriage will include not only a man with a man and a woman with a woman but a man with his dog. In some quarters this is already under discussion.

The BBC report that brought the German situation to light, should open our eyes to the downward spiral we are experiencing in the “civilized” West. The BBC report is entitled Animal welfare: Germany moves to ban bestiality

Canon Lawyer Ed Peters, canon lawyer comments from a Catholic and Canon Law perspective.


Would you let this man walk your dog? Maybe not. He is Professor Peter Singer, an advocate of bestiality. Be careful who watches or babysits your pets. The world is becoming a dangerous place and only getting worse, thanks in part to goofy professors pontificating and proving their stupidity.


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