KLM Airlines Foolish LGBT Ad – Unintentionally Points out the Obvious

by Steve Ray on August 11, 2017

I fly KLM through Amsterdam about 20 times a year. Yes, I wrote to complain about their ill-advised and stupid ad promoting the LGBT movement in Holland.

Screen Shot 2017-08-11 at 7.54.10 AMThe image they used on their Twitter account ironically promotes unsafe practices suggesting that no matter what you do with seat belts you will be smart and safe, even in the bucket pieces don’t line up or click.

If I actually did this on their airplanes I would be reprimanded and forced to use the male and female ends of the seat belt buckle that actually click together — or they would kick me off their plane.

Seatbelts work a certain way as does real sex between a man and a woman. Disregarding the proper use of things will always create problems and jeopardize safety. Plus, it just is appears wrong, and is wrong, even on the face of it.

Not sure flying KLM is safe anymore. I might look for a sane airline.

To read more on how this unintentionally funny ad backfired, click here.

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Bill912 August 11, 2017 at 11:12 AM

Thinking and political correctness just don’t seem to go together.

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