Wednesday, May 10, 2017

I must say that Gibraltar Broadcasting Corporation did a very fine job of interviewing Janet and I about our recent visit and conference at the “Rock of Gibraltar.” They not only did a fine interview but interspersed it with pictures and segments of my talks.

I was invited to give a weekend conference at the “Rock of Gibraltar” which is a country of only 2.6 square miles with 30,000 citizens. They asked for five talks which were all well attended. The talks centered on apologetics and why we should be proud to be Catholic – and how to be better Catholics.

The interview was conducted at the conclusion of the conference (when I was exhausted and my voice weary) but they did a great job explaining my talks, the conference and the Catholic Faith.

There is always a suspicion that at “secular” production might do a hack job – but I must say, these folks did a marvelous job relaying what really happened and told the truth. No fake news here!!

Hope you enjoy the half hour interview divided into 2 YouTube sections! Thanks again to Wesley Tacon and Stephen Cumming for such a fine production.