Dr. Peter Kreeft is the Devil: Advising How to Win the World!

by Steve Ray on April 23, 2017

What a delightfully fun hour of wit and wisdom!

If you have two brain cells that connect and wish to understand God and the world — and if you aren’t afraid of the truth and talk about sex — you will LOVE this.

If you aren’t politically correct about atheism and Islam and other such things, you will really enjoy this talk. Listen to the conclusion if you want to know why Muslims might win in the end — listen to the end.

Kreeft is a saint, a “brain,” a philosopher, a theologian, a prophet, a Catholic and a hero for the modern world.


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David RodrĂ­guez February 12, 2020 at 1:56 AM

Could you please repost the video?

I don’t see anything.

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