Friday, April 14, 2017

Do the Gospels Conflict?
How Long was Jesus on the Cross?

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The question intrigued me sufficiently enough that I spent the best part of a day working on it. On the surface there seems to be a contradiction in the Gospels, mentioning different times for the crucifixion.

Maybe the Apostles forgot to check their watches!

Mark says Jesus was crucified at the 3rd hour and John tells us the crucifixion took place after the 6th hour. So, what are we to make of this seeming contradiction? And how long was he actually hanging on the cross?

TRAV Crucifix

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By the way, isn’t this a COOL picture? I took it several years ago at the Cross in the Woods Shrine in Indian River Michigan. It is the largest crucifix in the world and right across the street from my wife’s mom’s summer home.



Extraordinary Streaming Mass for Easter Vigil

by Steve Ray on April 14, 2017

These pews will be FULL with standing room only. These pews will be FULL with standing room only.

My parish in Ann Arbor is Christ the King Catholic Church. Presiding at Easter Vigil will be Fr. Ed Fride, the same priest that received our family into the Church over 20 years ago.

It is an unusually vibrant parish that has 23 men in the seminary, has produced 10 priests, about 10 religious Sister and 10 permanent deacons over the last decade. Unusual in many other ways too including beautiful music and an exquisite Easter Vigil Mass which people line up to attend.

The Easter Vigil Mass at Christ the King this year will be live streamed via YouTube! If you or someone you know can’t make it to our Easter Vigil, click on the link below on Saturday night. The video will go live shortly before Mass starts. You can also watch it at this link after the fact.

Christ the King Easter Vigil Live Stream