Sunday, February 19, 2017

IMG_7755We started the day with Peter, James, Andrew and John on a boat going across the sea of Galilee he. It was a little windy and choppy but a genuine experience.

The Mass at Capernaum was especially meaningful today. Knowing that Jesus had healed thousands of people there we had a special healing Mass with the Anointing of the Sick. Very touching.  You can see the Homily and Anointing of the Sick here.  I gave a talk to explain the site and then we went to eat St. Peter’s fish.

Then we embarked on the ride south, but UP to Jerusalem. We stopped along the way at the place of the Visitation where we prayed another Mystery of the Rosary and I gave my talk about Mary the Ark of the New Covenant.

Then we arrived at our beautiful Catholic Notre Dame  Hotel where we settled in and had some free time and dinner. Tomorrow it’s all day Bethlehem!


Incredible New Video “From Conception to Birth”

by Steve Ray on February 19, 2017

Make sure everyone sees this because it is a marvelous argument against abortion. This is new technology that won its inventors the Nobel Prize. It pulls back the curtain on the developing baby and the mystery inside the womb. Hang in there for the first three minutes while he is explaining the technology — the remainder of the video is incredible.

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