Tuesday, November 22, 2016

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Questions I answered:

1. I could not be Catholic because I see the Catholic organization NOT as a source of Good in the world. What do you say to that?

2. I could never be a Catholic for the reason of the sex abuse scandal (got a bit fiesty).IMG_2824

3. We have seven kids and stopped going to church because of the big hassle. Should we go to church again and if so, how?

4. At the abortion clinic we were picketing with some Catholics and they said that aborted babies don’t to to heaven but to “limbo.” Is that true?

5. Why do Catholics follow tradition instead of the clarity of the Bible?

6. Is it possible to be a Christian without being Catholic?

7. Where are the souls in Purgatory? Why do you believe in something that is not in the Bible?

8. Is Satan sometimes in heaven?

9. My son went to Catholic school and in the church he asked me, “Mom, why is this church full of pictures and statues of Mary but not of Jesus? Isn’t Jesus the most important?

10. I am starting RCIA but I am not “feeling yet”. What should I do?

I have a hard time believing a loving God would condemn anyone to hell. What is your take on this?

11. In the Bible it talks about spiritual gifts. Why is it that the Catholic Church does not talk about spiritual gifts and that people like me have to go outside the Catholic Church to charismatic groups to learn about and practice them?

12. Why is it the Pope declares people saints? Who gives him that authority? Aren’t we all saints?

13. Do Catholics plan to go to heaven? Are they sure?

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