Sunday, October 16, 2016

Tomorrow We Vote for Trump/Pence

by Steve Ray on October 16, 2016

IMG_0718Since we will be gone on the day for voting on November 8 my wife and I will be voting for Donald Trump and Mike Pence on Tuesday. We encourage everyone else to vote for Trump/Pence as well.

If for no other reason we are voting for him because of abortion, the Supreme Court, the Second Amendment, and a balanced budget in this country.

We also believe he is the best choice to defend our country, stop illegal immigration, eliminate ObamaCare – with its disastrous results and mandate to contribute towards abortion – and to eliminate ISIS and protect Christians throughout the world. We also need to put an end to the disastrous political correctness that has infected our country.

If you doubt whether he will do it, he is sure a better bet than Hillary. And remember, if you do not vote, or you vote for a third-party, you are virtually voting for Hillary Clinton. She is a criminal and should be in prison not running for president.  If for no other reason she is going to push partial-birth abortion and more.

We are at a crossroads and if we fail to elect Trump/Pence it could be the end of our great country as we know it. Yes, I really believe that and my wife and I are quite willing to speak out on it. We have 12 grandchildren and another one on the way so we have a vested interest.

Vote Trump and encourage others to do so too.