“When Excess is a Virtue … Why America Needs Trump”

by Steve Ray on September 5, 2016

Reposting because I think it is important:

Many people know the brilliant British historian Paul Johnson (his official website) who has written massive tomes such as Modern Times, Intellectuals, History of the Jews, A History of Christianity, Civil War in America and many, many more. I remember reading his Modern Times thirty years ago.

The title of this blog was taken from his recent article in Forbes Magazine about our current political climate and presidential race. He is not speaking as an American but as an educated, informed outsider watching our political process as a spectator. I think his words on Trump and the current climate in America is very instructive.

I am writing this blog today not as a “Trump promotion” as I have not made up my mind yet since there is still a lot of water to flow under the bridge in the months ahead. Janet and I do know that we are voting for whoever is “Not Hillary.” Read my article from a month ago entitle “Trump?”. But this blog is to help us think about our situation in America and how far we have fallen and become enslaved and how we need to break loose again.

Below are a few snippets from Paul Johnson’s article entitled When Excess is a Virtue — about Donald Trump, the climate in America and why Trump is important. You decide for yourself, but it is an interesting article. I would read it just for his review of Obama and Obama’s America, if nothing else.

The mental infection known as “political correctness” is one of the most dangerous intellectual afflictions ever to attack mankind. The fact that we began by laughing at it–and to some extent, still do–doesn’t diminish its venom one bit. … Nowhere has PC been more triumphant than in the U.S. This is remarkable, because America has traditionally been the home of vigorous, outspoken, raw and raucous speech. … Now the U.S. has been inundated with PC inquisitors, and PC poison is spreading worldwide in the Anglo zone. …

For these reasons it’s good news that Donald Trump is doing so well in the American political primaries. He is vulgar, abusive, nasty, rude, boorish and outrageous. He is also saying what he thinks and, more important, teaching Americans how to think for themselves again….”

For the whole Forbes Magazine article, click here.

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Mark martinson September 6, 2016 at 12:39 PM

I like Johnson but I don’t know you can be brilliant if you churn out so many books about diverse subjects in such a short time.

Tina September 10, 2016 at 7:43 PM

Vulgar and boorish are good things? I think the increasing pc sensitivity is not good but we need a calm and level-headed president. Unfortunately this will not happen if either major candidate wins. When sin increases grace abounds. I have hope that God will give the faithful sufficient grace during these troubled and unusual times that will lead us even closer to Him. I wish I could vote for Trump (I certainly won't vote for HC) but the more I pray about it, the more my concience says no.

STEVE RAY HERE: I see no alternative for a Catholic who is interested in pro life issues to vote for anything other than Trump. Trump has pledged to be pro-life and is even told us who we would appoint a Supreme Court justice is. If you don't vote for trump you will get Hillary. That would be a disaster. Trump is a wise man, a good businessman and is pro-life. I don't see how we can do anything else but vote for Trump. Me and my whole family and all of my close circle of friends will be voting Trump in November.

The main impact our next president will make is who is appointed to the Supreme Court. Trump will appoint pro-life constitutional lawyer’s and Hillary will appoint pro-abortion and anti-religious freedom judges. These judges will influence our country for half a century. Trump is our only hope at this point.

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