Tuesday, July 19, 2016

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1.  (Pentecostal)  Other churches have the spiritual gifts mentioned in the Bible and speak in tongues. Why doesn’t the Catholic Church believe in that or practice it?

2.  (Buddhist) Do you think the terrorism and slaughter of police is a condition of the human heart or racism and hatred”

3.  (Non-denominational)  Where do you see Catholic doctrine before the Council of Nicea? Your doctrines do not exist in the early Church.

4.  (Non-denominational)  Jesus said to eat the bread and drink the wine; why do many Catholic Church not do this and only eat the bread?

5.  (Non-denominational)  I heard someone say that the Catholic Church is the one true Church and all other churches are inferior. Does that mean I cannot be saved? Does that mean we don’t have the real Eucharist or authority? Where does the Bible ever say “Catholic Church”?

6.  (In RCIA)  How do we know that the Bishop of Rome is Peter’s successor and not someone else?

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