Saturday, July 2, 2016

Letter Telling of Conversion

by Steve Ray on July 2, 2016

Dear Steve,

        I just received the gift you sent me and have to say thank you. My name is Scott Cowen and I guess my mom sent you a thank you for your YouTube videos. Your video taught me about Mary in a way I never heard it as a young adult and brought me back to the Catholic Church. 

Since that time I have restored, as well as any sinner can, my relationship with the Lord. And although I have been reading the Bible for the last many years I had – as you call them – Protestant glasses on. Before your video, which I honestly wasn’t going to watch until the Holy Spirit strongly prompted me, I had never heard of typology.

Now it seems as thought I can’t get away from it. You and other apologists have made so clear what I just skipped over in the past. Now I see it relating to not just Mary but Jesus, the Eucharist and the Church. It’s as if there were hidden away in my Bible a whole other book.

I now am not only a Catholic again but more devout then I would have ever been had I not wandered away in the first place. I have committed my self to fervent study of the book and the church teachings. I also attend Mass daily. I’m in the process of baptizing my children and converting my wife but I won’t let it stop there. I have a new zeal for God and want everyone to know even with my minimal knowledge.

My wife told me a year ago I could find a new church as long as it wasn’t Catholic, oops. And also that she desired to see the Holy Land and now I know who will be my guide when we have it all in place. I thank you again for your help in unveiling my eyes. And pray you and your ministry find everyone who has been lost because I know now that it is truly the church that Christ founded.

Funny how until now I never had a “coming to Jesus story” like many of my Protestant brothers and sisters, maybe because I had walked away from the truth. Again thank you for the GIFT and the book and cds also.

Your reunited brother in Christ,