Pope Confounds Both Left and Right

by Steve Ray on September 23, 2015

  Good article trying to unravel Pope Francis’ thought and teaching as he enters the politically-charged US arena. 

Catholic World Report tries to works through the issues to demonstrate the Pope is a son of the Church teaching faithfully the Churh’s long held social doctrine. 

Confounding the Left and Right (the Comments are interesting reading too).

One quote from the article,

One may ask if people adopted this simple, humble, less wasteful lifestyle, would that spur enough economic growth? The growth of families with children is the answer. According to Francis, “the masterpiece of society is the family: a man and a woman who love each other! This is the masterpiece!” This marital love must be faithful, persevering, and fruitful. He says that “Jesus does not like marriages in which couples do not want children, in which they want to remain fruitless.” Such arrangements are promoted by the “well-off culture” that says “not having children is better, this way you can travel and see the world, you can have a house in the country and relax!” It is a culture that suggests that “it is more comfortable to have a little dog and two cats” so that “love is given to the two cats and the little dog.” Francis reminds us that over time, old age arrives “in solitude, with the bitterness of awful loneliness: it is fruitless, it does not do what Jesus does with his Church.”

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