Links to Audio of Questions Steve Answered on Catholic Answers Live Friday

by Steve Ray on September 20, 2015

Questions I answered Friday on Catholic Answers Live Q & A for Non-Catholics

 We took a bit of time to answer each question. Great fun with this show and the excellent callers. To listen ON-LINE click here. To download the PODCAST or for more info here.

 In RCIA:  My wife grew up Catholic but became lukewarm and is now an excited Evangelical Protestant. I am excitedly learning about the Catholic Church. What resources do you recommend that will help her?

 Interested Protestant: Where does this thing about “Holy Mother of God” come from?

 Muslim (who I did not know was a Muslim until the end):  Doesn’t your Catechism say that Christians and Muslims worship the same God? Didn’t a Pope say that Islam is a pathway to God? Is this still the teaching of your Church?

 Evangelical:  Scripture says there is only one mediator between God and man and your comments that Mary is a mediator contradicts Scripture. Can you clarify why you believe Mary is a mediator as well as Jesus?

 Jehovah’s Witness:   I grew up Jehovah’s Witness but have not been one as an adult. I am trying to understand Christianity. What do you mean by “the Trinity”?

 Evangelical Protestant: Why do you call Mary the “Virgin Mary”? Do you deny she had sexual relations with Joseph and that she never sinned?

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