Monday, August 10, 2015

Here are the questions I answered today on Catholic Answers Live. The topic was: A Day in the Life of the Holy Family.

I will provide the links to listen on-line and download as a podcast as soon as the links are available.


1. What did Jesus and Joseph do as carpenters?

2. What was the first thing the Holy Family did every morning?

3. What kind of house did they live in and what was their food like?

4. Why is Joseph always portrayed so elderly and so effeminately? What was he really like?

5. Would Jesus have been a builder of boats?

6. What did the women wear in terms of undergarments? In the movies men are shown with a cloth wrap.

7. Where did the Holy Family worship and what is the difference between a temple and a synagogue? How far did they have to walk to get there?

8. When was Jesus lost in the Temple and when did he decide to start his earthly ministry? How was Mary involved?

9. Where was Mary born and how did she end up in Nazareth?

10. How would the city of Nazareth be guarded in olden times? There were wild animals and thieves. How did cities protect themselves?