Monday, July 13, 2015

Questions I Answered On Catholic Answers Live…

by Steve Ray on July 13, 2015

… with my usual “Open Forum for Non-Catholics.”

Here are the questions I answered. Listen on-line here; see other listening options such as podcasts here.


1. Why do Catholics think that gay marriage should be illegal but not birth control and fornication?

2. What is meant by grace that Catholics receive in the sacraments? Does each sacrament give you a different grace?

3. How do we know which gospels about Jesus are valid and should be included in the Bible and which ones should be considered heresy and dismissed?

4. With all the different religions out there, why Catholicism?

5. Since the Reformation has the Catholic Church changed any of the things that Martin Luther objected to?

6. I grew up in an Assemblies of God family. Is salvation the most basic tenet of Catholicism that is shared by all Christians?

7. I am reading your amazing book book of your conversion — Crossing the Tiber. What is the last big obstacle for you in your conversion? Did you have any second thoughts when you went to your first Mass?

8. I am a Lutheran but my Episcopalian friend wanted communion last Sunday so he went to a Catholic Church and received communion. What do you think of that 

9. As a non-Catholic I wonder why does the authority of the Catholic Church usurp the authority of other local churches?