The IRS and MY Millions of Dependents-Deductions

by Steve Ray on July 12, 2015


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mary July 12, 2015 at 5:06 PM

I think my comment is appropriate. Again, I say Not nice….

Not nice? Who said we had to be nice? I’d far prefer to be honest than nice. You should read my blog Was Jesus Nice? The sarcastic parity is true and that’s the point.

Santiago July 12, 2015 at 11:06 PM

I don’t get how this has to do with defending the faith. Why do you include immigrants with pot heads, criminals, ect. I thought you were a respectful apologetics but now I began to see that you’re more like Donald trump. Are not we Catholics suppose to be together in the cultural struggle. Immigrants are Catholic too and they are my people. You disrespect some and you disrespect all of us. I am disappointed that this posting is coming from you. I’ve recommended your apologetics works and footprints of God before but from now, I may do just the opposite if you don’t remove this posting.

Sincerely, A Catholic Brother

STEVE RAY HERE: sorry you don’t like my blog Santiago. First of all, I put a whole variety of things on here not just things about defending the faith. I also put up things about politics, family, fun and some of them are satire.

My ancestors are all immigrants too but they came here legally and we got jobs and didn’t expect any handouts but followed the laws. Many Mexicans come legally and many are great folks helping build the Catholic Church in America. But others are not and our president now has me paying for all the illegals.

I’m surprised you can’t make such a simple distinction. Are you an illegal? I thought this was funny but true and I’m not in the business of defending Trump. But I’m disappointed that you didn’t get the simple point I was making. We should not be paying for people’s bad behavior and continuing to
support and encourage such conduct.

Donations and assistance for the poor and needy should not be handled through a massive bureaucracy but done on a private and local level. It is sad to watch our country moving toward socialism.

Santiago July 13, 2015 at 1:12 AM

So how are you paying for people’s bad behavior? So people get handouts based on their bad behavior? What are the requirements for someone to receive the handouts? I’m sure they have to show prove of legal status. Have you looked up the requirements?
Typical for you to loose your cool and be unraespectful to people even when you are in Catholic Answers. One thing is to speak the truth with honesty and respect and another to make it a joke as the one on your post.

STEVE RAY HERE: Wow Santiago! What world do you live in? Do you listen to the news, stay in touch with the real world around us? I employed 600 people and was quite aware of the way our system of handouts works today. The system is exploited by many dishonest people and the system encourages such behavior and conduct. Do you have to show legal status? Come on Santiago, you don’t even have to prove legal status to vote much less get all the freebies that our government uses to earn votes.

Have I lost my cool? Have I been disrespectful? No, not in the least. I simply put up a sarcastic political comment that has a real ring of truth in it and is recognized by most intelligent people who see our country slipping toward socialism. I always speak the truth and I am always respectful where respect is due and often I will use sarcasm to to it.

If you think I am anti-Mexican by misunderstanding my post, then that is your problem. Nothing I said is anti-Mexican. It is anti-illegal whether Mexican, Russian, British or whatever nationality. And it is not anti-charity. Charity and stupid government policies are two very different things. Wake up Santiago.

Santiago July 13, 2015 at 1:19 AM

Such post coming from anybody else I would have just ignore, but coming from someone I looked up to, some who in my mind represent, ewtn, Catholic Answer, and Catholic teachings. Disappointed

Santiago July 13, 2015 at 1:34 AM

Listen to the news? I thought we were not supposed to listen to the news because it’s just a bunch of noise? Ask Theresa T.

STEVE RAY HERE: I’m on the air with Teresa right now! Amazing, eh? News can be noise but if you don’t keep up with the news and what is going on in the world you end up blind. This is my last reply since I have better things to do today. God bless you though brother and may his peace be with you.

greg August 6, 2015 at 11:27 AM

This is what passes for catholic apologists.At least Stever Ray admits he is not nice.That at least is a step in the right direction.We have a Catholic Teaching and cathechism that is totally different then the hateful bigoted rhetoric that is common among many catholics.Ray does not possess a Catholic heart.Sad to see he has such a huge following.

STEVE RAY HERE: Glad to know that Greg has the ability to read my heart and to judge my thoughts and motives. Sorry he also has no clue about many things involving civics, economics, etc. But I approve his comments for honesty sake and to show there are different opinions, not all of them created equal. Regarding being nice – there is a difference between sloppy syrupy niceness and love which is honest and sometimes tough.

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