by Steve Ray on April 8, 2015

In the wake of the Indiana donnybrook over religious liberty, which somehow was transformed overnight into a question of gay rights, it couldn’t be long before the New York Times weighed in against Christians.

Yet who could have expected the draconian measures the Times would propose? Either Christians fully embrace the gay lifestyle, or you will be coerced into doing so.

Op-ed writer Frank Bruni, onetime Timesrestaurant critic and a gay activist, has writtenthat Christians who hold on to “ossified,” biblically-based beliefs regarding sexual morality have no place at America’s table and are deserving of no particular regard.

In one fell swoop, Bruni trashes all believing Christians as “bigots,” saying that Christians’ negative moral assessment of homosexual relations is “a choice” that “prioritizes scattered passages of ancient texts over all that has been learned since — as if time had stood still, as if the advances of science and knowledge meant nothing.”

In other words, if you still cling to your benighted views and your “ancient texts,” you are living in the past and your views merit no respect.

Bruni’s solution to the impasse is not some sort of goodwill compromise or a treaty of mutual respect, but a take-no-prisoners ultimatum to Christians to abandon their beliefs or else. When Bruni says that Christians’ understanding of sexual morality is “a choice,” what he means is that there is a way out without completely losing face: just embrace the new morality preached by mainstream liberal churches that see nothing wrong with any sexual arrangement you are comfortable with. Then we will accept you.

As a food critic, NY Times writer Frank Bruni was entertaining and occasionally informative. As an op-ed columnist he is adolescent and often repetitive. But as a theologian, he is simply abysmal.

For the whole sad and frightening story click below – and wake up America. The bullies are taking over!


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Rob Sardegna April 8, 2015 at 4:46 PM

This is frightening, truly frightenng. Down deep, they view the very existence of Christian beliefs as a threat that must be squashed. It reminds me of the viciousness with which the Romans persecuted the Christians under Domitian and others for refusng to worship the emperor and the Roman gods. Refusal to offer the pinch of incesne to the gods was viewed as an existential threat to the well-being of the empire, and the authorities reacted accordingly. Unless something alters current trends, the messages in the Book of Revelation about enduring persecution will be all too pertinent to us very soon. The only thing these new would-be persecurtors lack is sufficient critical mass. They view Chrisitan beliefs as a threat to their way of life, which they will not tolerate. Once they and their sympathizers reach sufficient numbers, which is likely to happen very soon, the persecutions will begin. Peoples’ livelihoods will be taken away (this has already begun), their ability to make any kind of living at all will be denied. And for those who still will not buckle under, the prisons will begin to fill. And people like this NY Times author would be only too willing to see it happen.

The great irony is that America was originally settled by those seeking the freedom to worship and practice their religion as they saw fit, free from interference by the state – not to be able to freely commit sodomy.

Bob April 9, 2015 at 5:53 AM

The homosexual “marriage” debate was never just about wanting the same benefits as heterosexual couples. The left wants to force their beliefs upon everyone else with the force of law behind them.

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