President Obama’s Moral Cowardice – Refusing to Call Egyptian Martyrs “Christians”

by Steve Ray on February 18, 2015

News Article and Commentary

The Muslim radicals of ISIS said they were killing the Egyptians, not because they were Egyptians but because they were CHRISTIANS! – the People of the Cross.

These were foreign workers in Libya who came to work so they could send money home to their families (the women crying to the right).

Obama does not want to admit this is a religious war and Muslims are killing Christians.

Watch the video and catch up a bit with this shameful and disgusting episode in world history and the cowardice of America (or at least it’s current leadership).

ISIS’ Apocalyptic Magazine: Islam Is ‘Religion of the Sword;’ Muslims Will Continue Beheading

Crying out "Help me Jesus!" as 42 of them were beheaded

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Selena Smith March 22, 2015 at 7:51 PM

Quite brave of Pope Francis to call the martyred Egyptian Coptic Christians “Christian” as their church does not accept the Council of Chalcedon’s definition of Christ regarding his personhood and natures. The Roman Catholic does not officially consider their religion “Chrtistian” by Roman Catholic criteria (Catechism and canon law).
As far as the President not calling them Egyptian and not saying “Christian”: if the US is to build more of a coalition with other nations (especially predominantly Islamic nations) against ISIS, then calling the Christian martyrs “Egyptians” is important, even if Roman Catholicism does not officially consider them Christians.

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