Finally Here! Pre-Order Abraham DVD – Order all 8 DVDs and get a signed book for free (Links fixed)

by Steve Ray on February 18, 2015

 After 8 years, the new DVD in the Footprints of God series is now completed! We are taking pre-orders with a special offer. DVDs will ship at the end of March 2015!

ABRAHAM: FATHER OF FAITH & WORKS along with a Comprehensive Study Guide. 

The story of salvation from Abraham to Augustine he left his home and the false gods of his fathers to follow the God of glory. Mount your camels and journey back in time to discover Abraham, the only man called the “friend” of God. Born of a pagan family among ziggurat temples and foreign gods, Abraham obeyed the call of God. Leaving is homeland he journeyed to a far-off land. 

When required to sacrifice his only son, Abraham held his course, plunging absolute trust in God.

Join the adventurous Stephen Ray, best-selling author and popular Bible teacher, who takes you on an exciting journey through Iraq, Turkey, Palestinian territories and Israel. You’ll see Abraham’s hometown near Baghdad, where he offered Isaac as a sacrifice and the tomb of the patriarchs were Abraham is buried.

Learn how Abraham was justified before God by faith, obedience and good works. Join the sweeping saga, all in a fast-paced, entertaining biography, travel documentary, Bible study, apologetics course in church history study rolled into one remarkable adventure! Comprehensive study guide included.

Documentary filmed on location in Iraq, Turkey, Palestinian Territories and Israel


ABRAHAM    $20.00

ALL EIGHT FOOTPRINT DVDs:  $160 with a free signed book offer.

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Donn Firnbach February 17, 2015 at 10:01 AM

Hello Steve & Janet,

I have all of your other DVDs except Abraham, so I would like to pre-order just this DVD.

Thanks and I am looking forward to watching it.

Take care, Donn

Albert Baxley February 17, 2015 at 10:06 AM

Steve, I would like to order THREE ABRAHAM DVDs. Clicking on the image of your full set of 8 DVDs on your message today was in vain — much clicking but no response from the image on your message. Since I already have two copies of all your first seven DVDs I would prefer to wait a while to order more of those DVDs. The THREE ABRAHAM DVDs will be of great benefit to all of us in this parish of Christ the King in Sun City Center, Florida. Thank you very much for your labors to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ to us, Catholics and all our separated brethren and heathens. You and your family and enterprise of Footprints of God are in our daily prayers; please keep us in your prayers, and your good works bring us the Good News of Jesus Christ on your DVDs on a steady basis here. Thanks again. Albert Baxley

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