Monday, February 9, 2015

Desire of the Everlasting Hills

by Steve Ray on February 9, 2015

Click on image for the movie - it is worth your time!

If you haven’t watched this 1 hour video yet, do so. A good friend told me about it at a men’s conference this weekend where I was speaking. Janet and I turned it on tonight and were captivated.

If you want to understand the homosexual lifestyle, the sadness and emptiness it brings — this is a great movie. Three honest people who lived the gay lifestyle for decades tell the story of their coming to grips with their life. 

I highly recommend you take an hour and watch this movie which is a tear-jerker in places. It will help you understand, sympathize with and relate to those among us who struggle with homosexuality. It will help set the tone for how we relate to and love our fellow men and women, especially those who have turned to Jesus Christ and decided to live a life of holiness.

For some reason I am unable to embed it but you can watch it HERE.


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