Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Today my son Jesse updated my website with a list of my talks and studies for conferences and missions, both at home and abroad. To learn more about inviting me to come to your event, check out our site

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Last night at the Parish Mission here in Midland Texas a man walked up handed us a check for $30,000 toward our next DVD, Elijah/Elisha. He did not want accolades or recognition. He just wanted to help. This was even before we showed the Abraham movie for the World Premier.

 Tonight we have the World Premier of our movie “Abraham: Father of Faith & Works.” Last time we had 150 people attend the special fundraising dinner, but tonight it looks like we will have close to 300 for the dinner and movie.

My talks have been well received this week with the church almost full each night. The people here in Midland are extraordinary people – unbelievable. They have worked so hard and enthusiastically to pull off this big project including the fundraiser and parish mission.

Msgr. Bridges is a classy priest of 85 years old and has enthusiastically promoted and supported all we are doing here. Diane Hanson from Ignatius Press has been great. Mike and Sue Sweeney, Tom and Pat Colliers and Joe Reed are incredible.

 We will let you know tomorrow how the World Premier goes. One highlight of last night was a young 5 year old boy who came up and handed me a fund-raising envelop. It contained $1 of the boy’s own money. He said, “Mr. Ray, I like your movies and want to help you make more.”

Abraham is now available for schools and churches and theaters. It will be available for sale on DVD in late March. Contact Diane Hanson for more information at

If you want to help with donations to help get Elijah & Elisha, Conscience of the Kingdom, you can do so HERE

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