All Day in Bethlehem: Pilgrimage Day 5

by Steve Ray on October 13, 2014

From shopping to the shepherds caves, from Christmas carols to Mass from the birth of Our Lord to dinner and dancing. Enjoy!

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Glavin Family October 13, 2014 at 6:06 PM

We continue to follow this wonderful journey that the Legates are taking in the Holy Land. As I write this note you are all fast asleep I am sure and when you read it I suspect we will be fast asleep here in USA. The olive wood statues we purchased in Bethlehem, “The Exodus” and “Mother with Child” are proudly displayed on our mantle and in our dining room reminding us that without sacrifice we would not know God’s love. Wonderful pictures of the celebration of Mass and our founder Tom Monaghan kneeling at the place of Jesus’ Birth. Team Glavin is reliving a great set of moments in our lives…thanks for that Steve and Janet, Laura and Amer.

Renee Marcus October 14, 2014 at 7:52 AM

Hi Mary Anne and Larry,

It’s fun to hear and see what you are doing on your trip. When Steve goes with the guys we will be lucky to get a phone call or an email mail! Glad to see you up dancing in one video. I am sure if Jack Delaney knew you would be singing Christmas carols, that he would have signed on to be there. Tell Tom to stick to pizza please, watching him try to fry that Falafel made me cringe. You don’t drop something in hot oil from five inches above, I think the dancers were Suzi Hannoush and her sister-in-laws,
Enjoy the rest of the trip, The party at the house in Longmeadow was fun. Only had about 40 kids and all were well behaved, well maybe one or two got out of hand.
Stay Safe and a special hello to Kathi, Laura, John and Tom

Jill Clements October 14, 2014 at 11:50 AM

Thanks Steve for the blog post about whether Jesus was really born in THAT place. Very interesting. I feel like I should write a novel after seeing how much my sisters wrote! Glad Joni shared the story of little Joe. His family (and it seems like all of KC and beyond) was praying for a miracle yesterday. We know firsthand how miracles do happen when heaven is flooded with our prayers and it is God’s will. I’m getting ready to travel to Boston in a couple of days. We’re excited a 3X Olympian is running the BIGGSteps race there this year. Continued prayers and blessings for you all. I really enjoyed seeing the intricate faces on the olive wood carvings in today’s video. That man has a true gift. Love you!

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