Saturday, October 11, 2014

This is a banner day! Everyone is starting to bond and become friends even if they didn’t know each other when we started. There are several common bonds: 1. The Catholic faith, 2. All members of Legatus, 3. They’re all in business people who understand reason and relationships and fun and punctuality.

Today was a great day. We started out at the Mount of Beatitudes where we celebrated Mass and looked out over the Sea of Galilee whereJesus taught the Sermon on the Mount. Then we drove to Caesarea Philippi and along the way had wonderful conversations including Fr. Shane who told his conversion story from atheist to Catholic priest.

Then through the Golan Heights and we drove along the border of Syria and showed people where St. Paul was converted and where a lot of modern activity is going on.

Then down to the Sea of Galilee where we visited sites related to our Lord Jesus Christ and his ministry along the shores.

Then Fr. Shane sat with everyone on the balcony with a few glasses of wine and had meditations and discussions from the Bible and all of the places that we visited today. after that, he offered a time for confessions for those who would like to avail themselves of the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

After time for rest we went to a marvelous dinner where people saying and told stories and jokes and had us all howling with laughter and friendship.

Family and friends: Please remember to leave comments below. Everyone is enjoying hearing them read on the bus. Your family and friends really enjoy hearing from you.